Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy birthday!

Cupid turned 4 on February 14th.  We went on a little trail ride on one of the trails we often ride plus around the property.  He was a very good boy and we didn't encounter anything that scared him.  Then I gave him extra treats in his grain.

The next day on Sunday we rode in the uncovered arena which was finally back open after the recent rains.  It is much smaller than the covered arena, but we had it to ourselves which was nice.  I set up a cavaletti on the medium height because it's good for Cupid's strength to step over them.  However we ended up inadvertently having our first jump!  Cupid trotted calmly towards the cavaletti and unexpectedly I felt both front legs coming up before Cupid calmly trotted off.  I didn't make a big deal out of it, as long as he isn't rushing it's okay.  We got the right lead canter correct on the first try but took a few attempts to get the left - a little disappointing since we got it right the first try on Friday.  I think we will both benefit from a day off on Monday!

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