Monday, November 24, 2014

Rainy Weekend

On Saturday we had a very steady rain all morning.  I felt bad for Cupid being out there, but him and Bruno didn't seem too upset they just wanted their food. 
It cleared up in the afternoon and we went for a ride.  Unfortunately I couldn't get Cupid to pick up his left lead.  I don't canter him every ride yet, usually only about twice a week.  It was a little discouraging because the last few times he got it right away.  I decided to give up on that for the day, but we had a great right lead canter twice around the large arena.  Cantering an ex-racehorse is a lot of fun!  I've never gone full speed on him, he doesn't try to race, but he has kind of a bounding canter.
Sunday the weather was much nicer, so we went for a little trail ride.  There were a few muddy spots where Cupid was sliding around, but he was a very good boy.  We went out to a pretty busy road where several motorcycles passed by but he was not concerned about them.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Well I haven't posted recently because not much new has happened, and now it's pretty much always dark when I get to the barn so it's hard to take pictures!  Cupid got clipped for the winter. Since he lives outside I asked for a bib clip, just the underside of the neck and chest.  Well I wasn't there and the groomer had slightly different ideas.  I'm not even sure what this clip is.  Oh well. 
Cupid is progressing slowly but surely.  I had been riding him in a plain dee-ring snaffle since I got him, since that is what he was used to.  I experimented with a double-jointed oval link snaffle.  I'm not sure it made a difference.  I may also try a happy mouth.  I'm not really worried about brakes, just want something he is soft and relaxed in.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Advanced Training

My instructor got on Cupid for part of our lesson this week.  Cupid was a little confused, he's only had me and my sister ride him the last few months and we ride pretty similar.  I tightened his girth by the mounting block as usual, then handed him over to my trainer and he watched me walk away like, what's going on?!?  My trainer wanted to establish more contact than what I generally do.  By the end of a half hour he looked much more comfortable with her.  Then I got back on and we continued to work on bending and balancing.

I tried to take some pictures, but in the covered arena at night with a cell phone they don't turn out too well!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Winter blues

I know it's not really winter yet, but it sure does feel like it!  It rained last Friday and Saturday, and then we set the clock back on Sunday so now it's pretty much dark by the time I leave work.  Luckily we have the nice lighted, covered arena but bringing Cupid in from the pasture is no fun in the dark.  I think I need to get a headlamp. I got Cupid a new blanket, which is thicker and has a neck piece.  Thankfully it hasn't been that cold yet but at least we're prepared.  Here he is after I brought him in after a little rain.

Despite the change in weather Cupid has been very well behaved and progressing nicely with his training.  He is still a lot more stiff to the left, but is starting to bend a little.  We are also getting the canter leads correct the majority of the time, though the left is still harder.

Cupid is maintaining pretty good weight.  He is a little skinny at the ribs and his belly is a little round, but overall for a growing young thoroughbred he looks pretty good.  He really enjoys his grain, but he makes a mess!  He likes to stick his nose in the pan and shove the grain out, but he cleans it up in the end.  When he is done he often picks his feed tub up and holds it in his mouth and waves it towards me, like he's asking for a refill!  I haven't been able to catch that on film yet.