Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lost in the Fog

This past weekend I had my final lesson with my trainer, and it was bittersweet. :(  But I am thankful I was able to work with him for the past year and happy with the progress Cupid and I have made.
It was a very foggy day, even in the covered arena the fog was pretty thick.  I was a little leery at first because I couldn't see very far ahead and wasn't sure if I wanted to jump!  But my trainer assured me Cupid would take care of it.  And Cupid seemed to be his normal (wonderful, if slightly lazy) self.  So after we did some walk, trot, and canter to warm up we did a few crossrails.  Then we moved on to a little grid, not nearly as high as last time.  I'm finally not totally terrified of them!  Cupid has been really good lately and hasn't rushed in a while.  In theory the grid is supposed to be easier for both of us, and allow me to concentrate a little more on my position - not standing straight up, sinking into my heels and lot letting my legs slide back or fly up off his side, and keep my hands closed and release forward.  There's so many things to remember!  I'm getting better but still need to work on it.
Grid - one stride, one stride

Then my trainer set up some interesting skinny jumps.  I was thinking about how Cupid ran out last time, so asked if we could just trot through it a few times first with no jump.  Cupid seemed okay, so we jumped both the barrel and the mounting block!  (Turns out it's a little easier to jump, because then my feet are above the vertical barrels and I don't have to worry about hitting them!)  We went around in a circle alternating which one we jumped. 
Skinnies - mounting block and barrel

The pasture is pretty wet, and though I worry about Cupid sliding around and hurting himself I also don't think he's happy standing in his stall all day.  His blanket is disgusting, I need to wash it very soon!
Lost in the fog

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