Monday, April 25, 2016

Vet Check

Not to much new to report with Cupid.  He had a vet appointment for vaccines.  The vet said he is looking good.  The hoof seems healed and his hind end is much stronger.  After discussing it with my vet I decided to keep Cupid in the stall instead of 24/7 turnout.  He is looking very good right now, and is just so accident prone it may be for the best. 
He's been really into giving me kisses lately

We went on a little trail ride around the property this weekend.  Overall Cupid was pretty good, but was getting a little quick again the trail he was spooky on last time, so I turned him around and made him walk back out on it and he walked back calmly the second time.
Great view!

On Sunday we did some arena work, but were both being kind of lazy.  There were a few other horses sharing the arena but Cupid was good.  We just did one short canter each direction, and also trotted over a few poles.

Cupid got a new turnout sheet.  Although I really liked the teal one he had, the binding was coming off and it had a few little punctures in it.  The new one is actually the same as his mid-weight turnout blanket just without any filling. 

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