Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rest and Recovery

Cupid had a little over a week off, with just the ground driving session and a little light lunging.  He kept himself busy chasing around a new horse in his pasture I think.  Today I found him with a new scratch on his neck, looks like it could be teeth marks. 

We also decided to do a course of UlcerGard, just in case.  I was told there wouldn't be any bad side effects even if it's not really necessary.  My trainer asked me if he was being "more mouthy than usual" as he was chewing on first some spurs, then his lunge line.  But he's always done that. 

Our first ride back was just a light hack around the property.  He seemed to be feeling okay, and was very good about walking through some rough trails that were pretty overgrown.  Though he is getting worst about trying to stop and eat!  We had a little excitement when we walked by a paddock where a horse didn't want to be caught and was running around.  Cupid's head and tail went up and he pranced a little.  He settled down after a few moments though.

I have been longing him before I ride, in case it helps for his back warm up a little before mounting.  I've also been spraying his back with Sore no More spray before currying. 

He is still showing a little reluctance to pick up the trot, but is getting better.  Today I couldn't get him to pick up the left lead canter though.  We are not sure why, he seems to be moving very well otherwise.  I will try it on the longe line next this weekend and see if he gets it without my interference.  My trainer said with young horses sometimes it's two steps forward, one step back. 
I wasn't sure Cupid would like these healthier treats, but he gives them two hooves up!

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