Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Cupid was due for his annual dental appointment.  I couldn't coordinate with the one we used last year, or the year before, so I ended up going back to a vet practice I used for my old horse years ago.  The vet and her assistant were both super nice, and very sweet with Cupid patting him and trying to keep him as comfortable as possible during the procedure.  The vet noted his arrhythmia after sedation, though I think he has it always (or at least it's been noted before).
Rinsing his mouth
Checking the alignment

The vet said his mouth looked good overall; he was developing some points in his teeth but nothing sharp yet and no abrasions on his cheeks.  She showed me how the wear was a little uneven, and how he is starting to wear the enamel on his front tooth probably from scraping it on the bars.  She said the hay net was a good idea (I just ordered more, that are a heavier nylon web, hopefully those will last longer!) but next time we can discuss other options if it looks worse.  She also showed me how I can scrape plaque off his teeth!  She said I didn't need to do it, but can if I want to and Cupid is good about it.
The vet pointed out that Cupid has a little overbite, which I recall the vet saying during our pre purchase exam too.  But it's pretty mild and not really cause for concern.  She said he will probably need to get done again in about a year, and after that can perhaps go a year and a half between visits.

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