Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back to Work, Refreshed

Cupid's wound is almost completely healed, though he still has a bit of a lump.  I've been putting his back on track wraps on, hopefully that thermal heat might help.  He is back in regular turn out.  The pasture has finally dried, and he is happy to be out with his buddies.  I observed him a little the first day, but it was after a lesson so he wasn't too active.  But a few days later he did have a little kick mark on his flank, luckily it didn't seem to bother him.
So happy to be back out with his buddies!

Almost healed!
After my somewhat disastrous first ride trying out the saddle, Cupid has quickly focused and gotten back to work.  He has been light and forward, I think he is feeling pretty good!  My trainer thinks he seems to like the saddle.  I don't know if it's that or the month off, but I'll take it.

We have kept is relatively simple as we ease back to work, not starting anything new.  This is allowing me to focus more on myself as I try to get used to adopting the traditional dressage seat.  My upper body is getting better, but I still need to get out of the habit of nudging up with my heels instead of squeezing with my lower leg.  And on not relying on my inside rein. 

We are increasing our training a bit, adding some additional lessons and my trainer will be riding Cupid more.  As a very self-sufficient person I've thought a lot about this.  I am very proud of how far we've come up to now, but I've pretty much taught him everything I know, this is about as high as my riding education ever got, so her riding will help both of us progress to the next step.

I couldn't resist, since he destroyed his old fleece

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