Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jump School

I tacked Cupid up with our jumping saddle and running martingale, not sure if we would jump or not.  I was a little concerned about his slight stumbles, my wandering mind, and a slight disconnect recently.  But I figured if nothing else, we may do some poles.

Warm up started out a little sticky.  Cupid just seemed tired and cranky.  I rode a little in two-point, but it was a bit hard to keep him going.  In the canter we were supposed to go medium canter in two-point on the long sides, and shorten and sit on the short sides, but I let him drop to a trot a few times on the long sides.  My trainer said to go on the diagonal, then bend and apply leg at the corner to try to get a lead change.  But we did not get it, either direction. 

Cupid didn't feel off or anything, he just seemed tired though I'm not sure why because we haven't worked that hard.  But I didn't feel any of the tripping or slipping behind today, so we decided to try a little crossrail.

We trotted it a few times each direction, and Cupid perked up a little.  We cantered it a few times, and Cupid was super good, he kept a nice even pace before and after the jump.  Coming on the left lead I asked Cupid to jump a little too long.  It was the wrong decision, but at least I thought about it and made a decision.  But my trainer said for where we are now in our training, and given the size jumps getting too close is always a better decision.  We talked about it a little, and I think I need to do some work over poles to improve my eye.  But afterwards I worked on sitting up before the jump and getting him to the base, and the rest of our jumps were pretty good!

Then we added a 2 stride line after the crossrail.  Cupid stayed nice and relaxed, and didn't rush even when he saw the 2nd jump ahead.  Then we added one more cross rail after.  We ended with a 6 crossrail course, and it went very well!  I was very happy with Cupid and how even he stayed.
I gave him electrolytes, in case that helps his energy and since it is finally starting to not feel like winter.  He is getting a well deserved day off tomorrow!

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