Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quick recap

Not much has happened since the dressage show.  We had a few rides where Cupid seemed a little distracted or got quick, but our last few rides have been great.  We have been focusing on our flatwork, first because I didn't really want to jump when he was less relaxed, and then the arena footing changed and needs a few days to settle because Cupid doesn't seem as comfortable when it's deep.

When he does get quick, I usually get him trotting in a ~20 meter circle, changing posting diagonals a few times and getting him to accept my inside leg and bend.  Once he starts to settle I may do a few do a few transitions asking him to walk a few steps then back to trot.  Then I will do some transitions within the trot, asking him to shorten a few steps then forward.  I add a few ~10 meter circles at the more collected trot.  Usually after about 15 minutes he behaves.

We had a great lesson in the German martingale.  It helps steady the contact and Cupid goes very with it.  I'm working towards getting that same feeling without it.  

My trainer has suggested I lunge him more, as well as do a little groundwork.  He's gotten better about lunging, not so lazy.  He is very good at the groundwork, and I think enjoys the interaction. 

The weather has been unpredictable.  We had a few cold misty days, followed by several hot days.  I was supposed to have a lesson yesterday but my trainer and I decided to postpone because of the weather.  Instead I put on my bareback pad and Cupid and I went for a nice hack around the property.
Cold and misty one week...

to needing a fly mask and fly sheet the next!

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