Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trailer Loading Practice

Cupid has been pretty good about loading; coming home from the show he was a little hesitant but got on pretty quickly.  But I thought we could use some practice so on Sunday I hitched up to my truck.  I decided to try it without his grain bucket, which is what I have been doing.  As we were walking up to the trailer we did some basic groundwork: halting, backing up, sending forward.  As we got close Cupid planted his feet.  I asked him to go forward, he did not so I made him yield his haunches.  I asked him to go forward, he took a step and then backed up.  I made him back up some more.  Then we walked forward again, and he stopped a few times so we did some pressure and release and then he got on the trailer.  I gave him a treat.  He took a few bites of hay, then turned around.  I told him he can get off if he wants.  He hopped off, so we walked a circle around the trailers and then back onto the trailer.  This time he got on without stopping.  I gave him a treat and let him come off when he wanted.  We kept doing this; I didn't make him stay on but then we walked around and got back on without any problems.  Then he seemed to enjoy turning around and standing with his head out the door.  He also investigated around inside the trailer. 
Gazing out the back
There's hay in here, it can't be all bad

After a short break back in his stall we went back up and loaded twice more.  I hope he feels like it's no big deal now!

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