Friday, February 14, 2020

Nine is Fine

Birthday boy, waiting for his treats
Happy birthday Cupid!!  It doesn't feel that long that I brought a sweet, tiny, green three year old home!  At the time I had no idea what laid ahead, and though we may not have had all the show ring success I may have hoped for, I couldn't be happier with the bond we have forged.  I'm also proud of the progress we made, slow as it may be, and happy and optimistic about the future. 
June 2014, our first ride together
I wish I was more eloquent so I could put into words what Cupid means to me.  How I can forget everything that's been stressing me when I'm with him, how he motivates me to keep trying and be better.  To whatever extent horses feel love, I hope he knows how much I love him. 


  1. Aw happy bday Cupid! He’s lucky to have found you - here’s to many more great years to come!

  2. Hope he had a great birthday. Can't believe he is nine! (ParadoxFarm)