Thursday, August 7, 2014

Still Recuperating

Cupid has been on stall rest for 10 days, and is looking a lot better.  Still short striding a bit on the affected leg, but if you didn't know to look for it you would hardly notice.  The vet recommended continued stall rest and to start gradually increasing his walks, on flat surface only and no deep footing.  I go out before and after work every week day and am there pretty much all day on the weekends.  Cupid is a very good patient.  He learned to beg for treats by tilting his head sideways.  One of the boarders told me another horse a few stalls down does the same so he may have learned it from him.
We go visit his old pastures buddies along the fence.  I hope they don't forget Cupid and he doesn't get hazed again when he goes back out, we had just finally gotten over that when Cupid got injured!  Here's Cupid (on the right) with his big brother/twin Bruno.

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