Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mist Trail

All day I had been looking forward to taking Cupid on a conditioning ride on gentle slopes around the farm, so even though the sun was setting and it was a little drizzly I decided to go ahead anyways.  The Mist Trail is actually a great hike in Yosemite where you get misted by the waterfalls, but this was kind of similar.  I didn't count on the sun going down as fast as it did (it wasn't even 8pm, I hate that the long days of summer are gone!), so midway through our ride it got really dark.  Luckily there are some lights around the property, and I've been around enough during the daylight I knew the way and trusted Cupid to do the rest.  He was great, he never hesitated or stumbled!  He is such a good boy.  We saw some deer.  Once Cupid is a little stronger I look forward to doing some more trails with him!

This picture is not great, but indicates the poor visibility during my ride!  It was actually worse without the camera flash. 

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