Monday, November 17, 2014


Well I haven't posted recently because not much new has happened, and now it's pretty much always dark when I get to the barn so it's hard to take pictures!  Cupid got clipped for the winter. Since he lives outside I asked for a bib clip, just the underside of the neck and chest.  Well I wasn't there and the groomer had slightly different ideas.  I'm not even sure what this clip is.  Oh well. 
Cupid is progressing slowly but surely.  I had been riding him in a plain dee-ring snaffle since I got him, since that is what he was used to.  I experimented with a double-jointed oval link snaffle.  I'm not sure it made a difference.  I may also try a happy mouth.  I'm not really worried about brakes, just want something he is soft and relaxed in.

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