Saturday, March 21, 2015

New shoes, and more jumping

The farrier was supposed to come on Wednesday, but on Thursday morning I went out to see that it had not been done and Cupid's LF shoe was starting to feel loose. It wasn't too bad, I put bell boots on so he doesn't accidently step on the back of the shoe and pull it off. We did an exercise on a 20 meter circle where I was supposed to trot the circle, pick up the canter, and drop back to a trot half way around before going back into the canter. Once Cupid starts cantering he can sometimes get a little excited and wants to keep going. On this day he was actually better going to the left, he picked up the left lead correct each time and we managed to stay on a pretty decent circle. Going to the right we had a few incorrect leads, and Cupid kept throwing his outside shoulder out and wanted to run out of the circle.
We were supposed to have another lesson on Friday but the farrier didn't come Thursday either and the shoe was gone. I felt bad for not calling the farrier to check, usually I don't schedule an appointment he just comes every 6 weeks. I ended up doing a short ride on one of my trainer's horses. It has been a long time since I've ridden a different horse, and this big warmblood mare was very different from Cupid. It took some getting used to, but she had a very smooth trot and by the end of the lesson we were working together pretty well. Then the farrier showed up and I was very glad Cupid would get taken care of.

On Saturday we did a little jumping, for the first time in two weeks. We started out doing just a line of 3 poles. Then the last pole became a little crossrail. Then the second pole also became a crossrail, one stride out. Eventually the last one was a small oxer, as seen in the clip below. We were supposed to do a little course, but Cupid had a bit of extra energy and got a little too excited. He took off in a gallop after one of the jumps, and went all the way around the arena before I came to my senses, sat up straight and pulled him to a stop! Oops. That's what happens when I lose focus. Our trainer recommended I try a flash noseband and rubber grip reins.

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