Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cold, damp May

Cupid and I have been taking it a bit easier in the past few weeks because though he got mostly better he didn't feel totally right.  First it was the hoof, then I think he may have slipped in the pasture because he had some scrapes on one side and seemed a little sore.  So he's just been in light work, no jumping and didn't even canter for a few weeks.  We've been working on getting him used to riding with more contact.  He doesn't like it, it makes him pretty fussy.  And I don't help matters any because my hands tend to be pretty open so I let him pull the reins.  Lunging him in the side reins helps, he's gotten pretty used to that so I just need to work on myself!

We tried on a dressage saddle.  Unfortunately it didn't quite fit him, it was a little too wide, but I thought it was comfortable.  I'm keeping an eye out and hopefully can find one second hand that fits us both.
May has been very cold and damp.  Cupid is near the coast, and it's only 15 minutes from my house but it often quite a bit colder and wetter.  Here he is looking like a camel while I keep him and my saddle dry before our lesson, and with a banana slug!

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