Thursday, May 7, 2015

Foot Bruise... more time off

I came back from my conference Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning Cupid and I had a lesson.  I could definitely tell that I hadn't been riding!  Cupid got off a little easy in the first part of the lesson as we focused on my equitation.  I still have the same problems of tilting forward, arms too straights, hands too open, legs too far back.  Then we worked on canter serpentines with simple lead changes, something new for us.  The first time Cupid got all the leads correct, but I need to plan ahead a little better so we change before the turn.  We did it again the same direction (starting on left lead) and I rode it a little better the second time.  Without me realizing, on one loop Cupid changed leads on the front but not the hind.  I think once we do something then he kind of figures it out.  Which is good and bad, because sometimes he tries to anticipate what I'm going to ask before I do.  Sometimes I actually want something else, but he gave me the other thing so nicely I let him get away with it!  Or he does a really super canter transition but I didn't ask him for it, our trainer has caught on and tells me I need to make him trot and wait until I ask.  Then we changed directions and Cupid did not get all his right leads.  Usually on account of me not sitting back or letting him rush into it when he's not properly balanced.  It was a really good exercise!

Then on Thursday we had another lesson scheduled.  We started with some warm up exercises for me including toe touches, swinging my legs (oww on my hips!), and lifting my legs off the saddle (also oww, but got a little better eventually).  I tried a little trotting without stirrups and Cupid kept going to a walk.  I thought he just didn't like my on his back/not posting.  But then we realized he is off, again.  :( He seemed a little sensitive and warm on his right front pastern.

The trainer's vet was coming out later this morning and was able to take a look at Cupid.  She said it looked like a foot bruise, maybe an abscess.  So Cupid's right front foot is wrapped with poultice and he is going to be in a stall a few days.  Hopefully that's all it is, and clear relatively quickly.

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