Monday, September 21, 2015

Debut delayed

Cupid and I have been working hard towards our first show, which was supposed to be next weekend.  Unfortunately it looks like we will have to wait a little longer to make our debut.  :(  It sounds like no one else from my boarding stable is planning on going, and it is just too cost-prohibitive to charter a trailer just for one horse.  Although I was pretty nervous I was also excited to see how we would do and how Cupid reacts in that environment.  It is a little disappointing that we can't go, but he is still young and we there will be plenty of other opportunities in the future. 

We have been working a lot on our down transitions and halts.  Trot to walk tends to be pretty abrupt, and Cupid gets fidgety at the halt.  I noticed he tends to swing his hindquarters to the right after he halts, I don't know if I'm sitting or holding the reins uneven and making him do it or if it's just his own tendency.  For me I've been working on just getting more comfortable/relaxed jumping.  I still jump ahead a little and let me legs swing back but it's a bit better when I'm specifically thinking about it. 

Our trainer would like us to work on our fitness - doing sets of 3 minutes trot and 2 minutes canter (about twice around the large covered arena).  The canter work is fun!  Cupid and I are both getting used to me riding in the saddle instead of two point.  I'm working on using my core and starting to play a little with increasing and decreasing Cupid's stride. 
Quick rinse after our ride - by 8am it is already pretty warm!

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