Thursday, November 19, 2015

Counter Canter

We focused on flatwork in our lesson today, working on some things we haven't done in a while.  We did some leg yielding at the trot, starting by doing a circle at the end of the arena, turning on the quarter line, and leg yielding back to the rail.  After a few times we added leg yielding back away from the wall.  At first I thought it was easier to move Cupid off my left leg, but actually it's a little inconsistent and we had some good and bad attempts on each side. 
Next we did shoulder-in at the trot.  Also started by doing a circle and then maintaining the bend coming out of it.  We were supposed to do 10 meter circle but I'm pretty sure mine were much bigger.
Our final exercise was the beginnings of counter-canter.  First we did some very shallow loops coming off the rail and then back on.  Then we did kind of a keyhole pattern, coming down the long side and turning on the center line and riding across back to the rail.  I was busy making sure he didn't break to a trot and forgot to focus on the bend, but our trainer said we did pretty good.  I was also happy with our ride today, Cupid was very good and listening.  After I do an exercise a few times he gets it, and is like "oh why didn't tell me that's what you wanted!" 

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