Monday, November 9, 2015

Week Off

I've been traveling for work so Cupid had the week off.  I came back at midnight on Friday, after a 7 hour flight and 3 hour time difference and had a lesson at 8 the next morning.  Cupid ambled over to the gate when he saw me coming, same as usual.  I don't know if he missed me but I missed him!  I tacked him up and we went to the arena to start warming up.  I was joking about him being really fresh after a week off, but if anything he was actually extra lazy. 
We had a good lesson.  Our flatwork was primarily focused on getting a bigger trot.  My trainer told me to stay in the up part of posting a moment longer to encourage Cupid to lengthen.  Then we worked on jumping a grid.  My task was to make sure Cupid was forward coming in to the jump, and to fold from my waist instead of stand up over the jump.  The jumps were at a diagonal across the short side of the arena, and I don't like being so close to the wall.  Turning left was easy but going to the right was a tighter turn, we couldn't really maintain the canter.  Cupid was very good, but he seemed to get a little tired so we ended a few minutes early. 
We had another lesson on Sunday.  My trainer asked how Cupid felt and I thought he felt okay.  But after another minute I asked if he was asking about the right front leg, he seemed to favor it just a bit.  We did finish our lesson just took it a little easier.  Our trainer said we need to focus on our flatwork before competing next year, which I know is true. 
We are heading into the rainy season, so Cupid will probably be moving into a stall soon.

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