Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Bit

I've been using my Myler bit on both my bridles.  For my purposes right now I don't really need separate bridles, they are both padded and have flash nosebands, but I have a black dressage bridle to go with my dressage saddle and a brown one for my close contact saddle.  I was going to get another Myler so I don't have to keep changing it, but my trainer suggested I try a loose ring french link for flatwork.  I was worried about a loose ring pinching since I'm not sure my hands are always steady, but she thought Cupid would like it to have a little play.  I decided to try a Herm Sprenger.

Herm Sprenger loose ring french link snaffle

I haven't been able to tell much difference in riding him, but at least Cupid doesn't dislike it.  I tried a few different bits when I first got him and he seemed kind of indifferent then too.  But at least now it looks more dressage-y than the dee-ring I had before.

Pre-lunge selfie
We've continued working on similar things for our flat work - bending, a little leg yielding, shortening and lengthening the stride a little.  I also want to get him outside the ring a little more now that the weather has been nice.  We've only been riding around the property, I want to start gradually riding him further away so he gets more relaxed about it.

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