Monday, May 9, 2016

The Flatwork Continues

Cupid has remained sound and healthy.  We still haven't jumped since before his injury but have been making progress with our flatwork, and me on my position.  I have been riding with a longer rein to be able to sit more upright instead of leaning/getting pulled forward, and I think I've been sitting back a little better. 

My trainer rode Cupid twice in the week I was gone, and said he was very good though on one of the days he wasn't bending as well.  She suggested I set up his next chiro appointment, I hadn't even realized it's been almost two months already.
*I unbuckled his flash and stuck it through the D-ring, I don't actually ride like that!
One of the things we are working on is riding a 20 meter circle, and then do a little shoulder fore before transitions to get Cupid balanced and using himself.  It is hard for me to think of both maintaining the shoulder fore and asking for a transition, but it does seem to have helped with Cupid being bratty not wanting to trot from the walk.  We also worked on our shoulder fore down the long side.  First just doing it to the inside, then switching from shoulder fore to the inside halfway down the long side and to the outside the second half.  Cupid is pretty good at that exercise.

Another exercise we've done on the circle is changing my posting diagonal every few strides.  This gets Cupid's attention and makes him slow down a little if he's rushing - especially useful after cantering when his trot is sometimes too quick.

We have been doing a few canter laps for conditioning, both for Cupid and I!  Usually he starts out lazy and I have to keep him going so he doesn't drop into a trot, but sometimes he really starts getting into it.

I am hoping we might be able to do a dressage show in June!  But it's coming up quick, I'm not sure I will feel ready....

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