Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back in the Saddle

I had a great vacation, but missed Cupid and was happy to see him when I got back.  My trainer was able to ride him a few times while I was gone, and said it went well.  Cupid also had to stay inside a few days due to work on the pasture fence.  Normally I would have tried to get him out of his stall for some walks, but since I was gone I was not able to.  I guess he was a little bored...
Teaching me a lesson about leaving him alone for a whole week!
He completely destroyed his blanket bag!  I think I need to get a trunk.

My first ride back I kept it very easy, just walk/trot.  I was having a little trouble getting him to bend or move off my leg, but maybe I was just rusty and not asking right?  Or he was expecting me to ride as well as the trainer...

We were supposed to have a lesson yesterday but ended up rescheduling so I did a little hack around the property.  Cupid was very good.  Then we went into the sand arena.  I was still having a little trouble getting him to move off my leg, but when he did it I praised him and moved on to other things for a bit before going back and trying again.  We did a lot of circles and serpentines, and a bit of canter work.  The deeper sand made him a little tired I think, he was a little sweaty even though it wasn't very warm. 

We might take Cupid to the horse park for a few days for a little training.

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