Friday, July 29, 2016


This morning I went to the barn before work, and talked to a new boarder for a minute.  She asked which horse was mine, and I pointed towards Cupid's stall.  She went to say hi to him, and commented that he was nice.  Then I walked over and I was, wait a minute this isn't Cupid!!!  It was another dark bay thoroughbred (though with some white on his face unlike Cupid), and he was wearing Cupid's fly mask and eating Cupid's hay!  Turns out another horse got brought in in his place, and Cupid spent the night out in the pasture.  He didn't seem to mind. 
Not Cupid!!
We had two lessons this week, and Cupid's foot seems better.  The first lesson was flatwork only.  My trainer is trying to get me to ride more off my outside rein, but I'm struggling a bit. 

We jumped in our second lesson.  We started with a single crossrail, trotting and and cantering out both directions.  Then we cantered it a few times before adding a second fence, another crossrail almost a figure-eight around the corner to the left and down the diagonal.  Cupid landed on the left lead each time so we were able to keep cantering to the second jump.  My first time I pushed Cupid and we ended up with a bit of a long spot - my trainer said I should have added a stride instead but said it was good that I thought about it and made a decision (even if not the best one) instead to just hanging on and hoping for the best.  I am trying to be more proactive, and a better leader for Cupid!  We added a third fence, kind of a rollback to a little brush box.  I did a pretty good job sitting up and staying back until the jump, which is what I've been working on.

I will be gone on vacation next week, and my trainer will ride Cupid hopefully a few times.  I'm interested to hear how he goes for her and see how he does with me when I get back!

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