Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I am really happy, and relieved, that Cupid was totally back to his normal self our last two rides! Prior to that he was still being reluctant the first time I would ask for a trot, and I would have to get after him a little, and then he'd be mostly okay afterwards.  But our last two rides he was perfectly responsive.
Goofy horse, playing with his brush

I was gone a few days last week for a work trip, and my trainer was set to ride Cupid in my absence.  I was looking forward to hopefully seeing some progress.  Unfortunately the day I was leaving I went out to find Cupid missing a shoe.  I called the shoer, but he was not able to fix it until the day I came back so she didn't ride.

Cupid got a trace clip, done by one of the other trainers at my barn.  He has been sweating from even pretty easy rides, so hopefully this will help him be more comfortable.  
Cupid and I did a little trail ride.  This was our first good ride, Cupid was not hesitant to trot at all.  I thought it was just because he was happier being out of the arena.  He even cantered a few strides up a little incline.  I asked him to rough it a little, scrambling up a few steps between two trails that run parallel.  He hadn't been on the upper trail before, it dead ends in a little clearing where there is a shed/garage.  We walked past it, and Cupid was pretty surprised by a tarp covered pile on the other side.  I was surprised by his reaction, I wouldn't have expected him to be wary of it.  But he was staring at it, a bit curious but also nervous so he would slowly inch towards it, then freeze and back up.  I ignored it and made him do a few little circles and figure eights.  I didn't make him go all the way up to it, I just wanted him to focus on me.

Then we found an empty pasture to walk around in.  When it rains the water forms a stream across.  Right now it was mostly just a muddy, marshy line across the pasture.  We walked up towards it, and Cupid stopped in front of it.  He jumped over the first time, but walked through the next few times as we went back and forth across it.  I had fun doing something a little different, and will try to keep riding him out a little more though it will be hard in the winter.

The next day I had my lesson, and again Cupid was great.  We did some flat work including circles, bending and shoulder fore both sides, and making sure I balance with a half halt before the corners.  We did a little canter work, and Cupid got both leads correct. 

Then we trotted through a few poles, and Cupid was more relaxed then the last time we did this.  We ended up doing a little cross rail a few times each direction.  Cupid was good, and relaxed throughout.  My trainer said we would do some longe line work, so I can focus on my position a little more.  I also talked to her about maybe riding Cupid semi-regularly, since he now pretty much knows everything I do I think I will need a little more help to continue with his progress!

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