Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Follow the Leader

It's hard to believe that Cupid is nearing the end of his five year old year, seems like just yesterday he was that super green three year old.  But last weekend he served as the old pro for my friend's first ride outside the arena on her three year old!  We spent about half an hour walking around the property, with the three year old following quietly behind Cupid.  We passed by some commotion with fence work being done, horses being ridden, bunnies running in front of us.  Cupid actually had one small spook getting startled coming around a corner, but it didn't bother the other horse.  We stepped over a little log too.  I think Cupid enjoyed having some company.

On Sunday it was raining, and we rode in a very crowded arena.  Cupid was very good, and we even cantered around quietly.  We have been pretty good about picking up the left lead, but he does seem to struggle a little towards the end of a ride if he's getting tired.  We may need to work a little on fitness.

My trainer rode Cupid last week.  I wasn't there to watch but she said he was very good and has made a lot of progress since she last rode him several weeks ago.  I have pretty much gotten to the point where I have taught Cupid everything I know, so I asked my trainer to start riding him periodically to help him progress more.  Especially with our dressage / flatwork in general, this is as high as I ever got with my last horse so we will have to learn together from here.

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