Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Master of his Domain

On Saturday I didn't get out to the barn until after the horses were already turned out, and I saw something I hadn't seen before.  Cupid was in the shelter eating the dry hay, while the other horses stood outside watching him.  The head horse wasn't turned out, and maybe the other horses just weren't interested, but maybe Cupid is learning to stand up for himself a little.  I just hope it doesn't go to his head!

On Saturday we shared a busy arena with several other horses and riders, including a few lessons.  So we kept it pretty easy, just walk and trot.  We did a lot of circles and serpentines and changes in direction, focusing on pushing Cupid into the new outside rein.  And me keeping my heels down and using my leg not heel to cue.

On Sunday it was more of the same, but we also cantered and did a few simple changes.  Cupid got the correct lead each time.  Afterwards we went for a little walk around the property.  He was relaxed, but did not really seem to like the two crows sitting on the fence.  He stopped and stared at them for a moment, and wasn't sure if he should walk by them.  But he did, and thankfully they did not start flapping their wings when we did!  Afterwards I hosed of Cupid's legs and flanks, he was pretty filthy!  Not from the mud but his stall, he is very messy!

I usually use pretty functional and practical equipment, I don't usually like anything too cutesy.  But I recently got a cute saddle pad with little owls on it.  My trainer also gifted us a saddle pad with Cupid's name embroidered on it.

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