Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bit Change

Cupid does not seem very sensitive to tack changes - which overall is good but does cause some challenges for me because it keeps me guessing.  I tried several bits when I first got him, but he was equally green with bad steering but amenable personality no matter what so I settled on a nice Myler Comfort Snaffle.  I've kept that as his "jumping" bit, and for trails.  But I think about 2 years ago I started riding him in a Herm Sprenger loose ring w/ lozenge for dressage.  Mainly just because it is a more typical "dressage-y" bit and he doesn't seem to care.  But lately he's been a little more nose in the air and just a bit busier in his mouth.  His teeth got done a few weeks ago - I will have the vet take a quick look next time he's out just in case, but he is eating fine.  But Cupid has seemed a little happier with the Comfort Snaffle so I'm primarily using that for now.

Myler Comfort Snaffle
Herm Sprenger KK Ultra (?)
Work has been very busy so I've been keeping my rides a bit shorter, but trying to focus on quality.  And manners a bit, since I've gotten a bit lax and let Cupid get into the habit of walking off while I'm mounting, or letting him nose everything around him instead of standing still while I'm tightening his girth.  Also making sure he is responding promptly when I ask him to move out, which he's actually been good about.  I've been trying to start rides with my whip behind my back and elbows, to stretch out the front of my chest and hopefully create some muscle memory that my elbows should in fact be bent.  Aside from that we've mainly been doing a lot of bending and leg yields, and moving between a stretching and working frame.  We've been doing about 15 minute trot sets, which go by so quick I don't even realize it.  We are going to a very low-key schooling show this weekend.


  1. Have you tried wrapping his bit with Seal-tex? ( My mare loves the extra squish it adds!

    1. I haven't, because it's a new problem. He seems happy in the Myler though. I think mostly he's just protesting my feeble attempts to increase contact!

  2. i've been using the loose ring version of the myler comfort snaffle since this past winter and my horse seems to really like it!