Monday, December 3, 2018


Cupid is enjoying his downtime, not much to report just a few pictures from the past week. 
He had a scrape on his leg that was a bit puffy, but nothing serious.  I've been going out daily just grooming and walking him.  We have a lot more rain coming in the forecast.  They scraped the pasture which helped cut down the mud especially around the gates but I'm sure it's a losing battle.

With his buddies
Stretching his legs
Getting down & dirty
Handwalking on a rainy day
Ladies man


  1. God, the mud this fall has been terrible. I have never had it so bad before. We usually scrape every year but didn't this year. I am sure I will pay for that in the spring. So next year there will be scraping! Or I can win the lotto and install those soil stabilizers!