Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Curvy Fit Breeches - Romfh Champion and Smartpak Hadley

As an athletic hourglass shape, I can have trouble finding clothes that fit well, and that includes breeches.  When I say curvy, I mean my waist is 24" and my hips are 34".  To make finding pants even more challenging, I am petite with a 29" inseam.  But luckily I've found a few breeches recently that not only fit well, but come in cute colors and are good quality!  (These are breeches I found and purchased myself, and I am not getting anything in exchange for this review.)

First up, the Romfh Champion has been around a while and is specifically marketed as a curvy fit.  Per the manufacturer: "The Champion also features 'Curve Fit', a special cut to reduce any 'gapping' at the back waist, nipped in at the waist and cut fuller through the seat and thigh. Perfect for the curvy girls!"  I agree with this assessment!

It is a cotton-synthetic blend, with suede seat.  I purchased it in a 24R.  Oddly this size is not on their size chart but it does exist!  For reference, the 26R is listed at 27" waist, 34" hips, and 11.75" rise.  I would call this a true high rise, as you can see it comes exactly to my navel.  The bottom hits just above my ankle.  The pictures don't quite do the color justice - it is called nightshade / omber blue but I would describe it as a charcoal with a dark plum seat.  It has no piping or contract stitching.  It has small-ish pockets in the front; not big enough to securely hold most current model phones.  The belt loops are about 1.5" (it's a 2" loop but the top 1/2" is stitched separate).  

They retail for around $135, but I got a great deal at $65 at Tackoftheday!

Also if you like the fit of these, the Romfh Isabella is the same fit but with a different material (same as the Romfh Sarafina) and also comes with a silicon option instead of suede.

The newer kid on the block is Smartpak's Hadley.  I've long lusted after the cute colors of Piper breeches, and have given into the temptation several times even though I know they don't fit me well.  I always figure it's worth trying, maybe they (or I!) have changed but I always end up returning.  Thankfully they came out with the Hadley, which they don't specifically call a curvy fit but per the size chart a size 24 has a 25.6" waist and 33.75" hips, compared to 26.5" and 32.5" for the Pipers (hence the horrible gaping on me!) 
They are a lighter material than the Champions, and wholly synthetic with a synthetic suede seat. They are a mid-rise, sitting slightly below my navel though a bit higher in back.  One feature I like is the large zippered back pockets, big enough to hold a phone (though some people may not like the extra fabric bulk).  They also have a 2" belt loop.  
These retail full price at $124, but like most Smartpak brand items have frequent sales.  I think these are discontinued colors, so only had limited sizes which is why I ended up getting the green (called smoke pine) in a 26R and the purple in 24R.  I'm okay with the fit on both; you can see a bit of loose fabric on the leg and seat of the green ones but these are fun schooling colors anyways.
They are also available in a knee patch version (which I have a traditional tan pair in).  They were previously available in silicon (and I have a pair of a lovely light grey silicon full seats purchased about a year ago) but that option is not currently available.  I hope they bring them back because I think these breeches present a great value at the price!


  1. Yaaassssss you're my new breeches friend, I have a 24" waist with 36" hips and a 28 1/2" inseam. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. those are great breeches. I love silicone and that's what I tend to buy these days. I am in between a normal and a curvy figure so I end up buying to fit my hips and then belting. sigh.

  3. I really like the Hadleys. They're my dupe for the ROMFH breeches. NOt QUITE as nice, but obviously, a lot more budget friendly. I do have to size up though.

    1. With the pockets and lower rise, I think I actually prefer the Hadleys!