Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun with Noodles

Cupid has been doing well. He still has a harder time bending to the left, but we are working on it and also learning a little leg yielding. This weekend I decided we needed a little break from the arena so we did a little desensitization training. Cupid is not really bothered by anything. He walked straight through plastic bottles strewn on the ground, walked over a garbage bag, and through the pool noodles. He doesn't like it if I walk through the noodles and they snap back towards him, he flinches a little but that's all. He didn't mind me waving a noodle around him or touching him with it.

 Last week Cupid was having a little problem being away from his pasture buddy, Bruno. One day when Bruno was taken out he got a little panicky and started running around frantically calling. I wasn't there, I've never seen him do this. Another boarder told me she thought Cupid was down at the water and didn't see Bruno leave so maybe that's why. One of the other horses that used to live in the pasture moved recently, so maybe he thought Bruno was gone for good too. Then a few times when I was riding him he called out to his friends. Luckily he doesn't get too distracted or acts up, just a little whinnying. The last few days he didn't have this problem. But Bruno and Cupid are best friends, and even eat out of the same bucket.
On Sunday I cantered on Cupid for the first time since his injury. He still does not understand leads, so we'll keep working on that but it felt really good. He has a very nice canter, smooth but covers a lot of ground. After he canters he gets a little pep in his step and likes to trot pretty fast, but settles down pretty quick.

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