Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quick Update

Cupid's training and our lessons are going smoothly.  His flexibility is increasing, though he still braces against rein pressure a little bit and still has a harder time traveling left.  But he is moving out in a nice swinging walk and uses his hind end well at the trot.  We are also working on a slow trot (not collected yet), but my sitting trot needs some work.  Canter leads are a work in progress.  He gets the right a little more consistently, but can something get them wrong both directions.  His attitude is great during our training sessions, even though sometimes he is a little confused.  He is very focused even when there are lots of other horses cantering and jumping around him. 

We've had our two lessons this week, so today hopefully I can take him for a little trail ride around the property.  It is getting dark very early, and this weekend it will get even worst with daylight savings time.  Plus it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  I hate winter!

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