Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Curious George

Cupid is a very curious horse (or maybe just very hungry).  He likes to investigate everything.  He even likes to dumpster dive!
He is also very friendly.  He seems to like all horses (even if they don't like him) and people.  Some of the very young lesson students wanted to say hi to him in the pasture, and he was very patient.
After a few somewhat rough rides where we couldn't get the left lead canter, we got it (after a few attempts) last night.  So far I haven't found anything that works consistently.  He on occasion gets it wrong going to the right (so does pick up the left lead the wrong way), but usually the right is good.  Otherwise his training is going along very smoothly.  He leg-yields quite nicely now.  I ordered a Myler comfort snaffle I want to try on him.  I've tried several different bits - plain dee snaffle, copper full cheek snaffle, snaffle with copper rollers, and a double jointed snaffle.  I didn't see much difference amongst these, we'll see if he likes the Myler.

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