Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cupid was lame on Tuesday - he seemed a bit sluggish at the walk but when I asked him to trot he had a slight head bob.  I realized there was a little heat and swelling in his right front leg so I called it quits, gave him a little bute and the next day off.  By Thursday, Thanksgiving, he seemed fine so we went on an easy ride around the property bareback with just his halter and lead tied into reins.  He is not the most comfortable bareback horse, but it is fun to do every once in a while!  We also worked on going down the one trail he seems scared of.  At first I thought it was the electric fence, but I'm not sure.  The path goes downhill and there are bushes on either side.  I used lots of treats and pats to encourage him to walk down.  Hopefully a few more times and he won't be scared anymore.
On Friday I did another ride around the property, this time fully attired with saddle and bridle.  We didn't go towards the scary trail.  We finished up our ride in the arena, where Cupid decided today he only wanted to canter on his left lead, which he normally doesn't like.  On Saturday we worked a little more on our canter leads and did much better.

Saturday and Sunday it was cold and rainy, so I put Cupid's new extra warm (mid-weight) blanket and neck cover on.  Maybe he felt a little silly but I feel better about him being out in the rain if he's more covered.

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