Monday, December 29, 2014


Cupid moved to a new pasture, still at the same facility just on the other side.  I knew this might be hard for him since he is so attached to Bruno, so before the move my sister came out and we took Bruno and Cupid on a little trail ride together.  We went on a busy road for a little bit, and both horses were really good despite the cars, motorcycles, and RVs zooming by.  Cupid was startled by one car, and Bruno got scared by an invisible bush monster, but for young thoroughbreds they were both super.

Cupid is in a transition paddock adjacent to his new pasture so he can meet the new horses across the fence.  He was curious about his new neighbors, he is friendly and likes everyone.  I think he will get along with them, there is just one Fresian that is only turned out during the day that is a bit of a bully.  Hopefully Cupid will just stay away from him.

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