Monday, January 26, 2015

Time Off

Cupid got a week off since I went on vacation.  This is the first time I've ever gone more than a day without seeing him, I missed him and wondered if he thought I abandoned him.  It didn't help that a day before I left he had a bunch of scratches or bite marks on him. :(  I'm not sure who is picking on him since they always behave when I'm there.

I came back Saturday night and went from the airport straight out to go see Cupid.  It was already dark out, I was just going to say a quick hi.  I walked out in the pasture not sure how I would find him, then realized he was right by my side!  I gave him several hugs and kisses.  He followed me to the gate so I brought him out and gave him a little grain and light brushing and put ointment on his wounds which looked good but he had a few new ones too.

On Sunday we went for a ride, I wanted to take it easy since he had a week off.  He did light walk/trot work in the outdoor arena for about half and hour then did a little ride around the property including a short canter stretch which was a lot of fun.  Luckily the week off did not turn Cupid into a wild stallion. 

Then since he was filthy I gave him a bath.  He was very unsettled during the bath, not standing still and whinnying a few times.  I not sure why he seemed so upset because he was okay while I was riding.  Even after when I let him graze in the sun while he dried he was still unsettled.  I hope there isn't anything going on.

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