Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warming Up

Well there isn't a whole lot to report.  The weather is finally starting to warm up a little.  Cupid is getting along well with his new pasture mates - he doesn't have a best bud like he used to but no one is picking on him. 
The outdoor arena is open once again, it was nice getting a little change of scenery.  There were lots of jumps set up, which we use to ride figures around.  Some day Cupid and I will be going over instead of around!  The new saddle is very comfortable and I think helps me sit a little more correctly - not falling forward as much and my lower legs feel more steady. 
I though my new Myler Comfort Snaffle bit was supposed to arrive yesterday so I returned the bit I had been borrowing.  Well it was delayed, so I ended up riding Cupid in just his halter with reins on it.  We did lots of walk-halt transitions, circles, and a little leg yielding.  I tried doing a little trot but it was not very comfortable!  He was a good boy though and very responsive to just the halter, I may even get a hackamore for light/trail riding.

He is also still a big beggar.  He likes to nose my pockets for treats, though I don't want him to become a biter he isn't too pushy.  After he finishes his grain he still likes to pick up his bucket and wave it at me, I think he's asking for a refill!

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