Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Clean Bill of Health

Cupid had his biannual visit with the vet last week for vaccines and a wellness check. The vet measured Cupid at 15.2 hands and just under 900 pounds. I think he's grown over an inch since I got him! We checked his teeth, no sharp edges but he has some canines erupting. The bit doesn't affect this, but the vet said this may make his mouth a little sore and may cause some fussiness. The vet also watched did flexion tests and watched him W/T/C on the lunge to see how his stifles are. The vet thought it looked good, just keep strengthening it with lots of long trots (straight lines, up slight grades if possible) and trot poles/cavaletti.

Cupid has been back to his usual easy going self. Our trainer says he's happy as long as I let him plod around but gets a little attitude if I ask him to actually work. Hah. We've been jumping a single cross rail on a figure eight along the short side of the arena, trotting in and back to a trot before we reach the wall after the jump. Cupid has been very calm and hasn't tried to take off. Today we worked on getting Cupid to really bend inside on a circle. He does not like this exercise.

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