Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More Jumping

Cupid and I are doing pretty well in our jumping. Right now we are working on trotting quietly into jumps. He likes to pick up a canter before a jump, our trainer says because he wants to use the momentum to get over instead of pushing off his hind so my job is to hold him to a trot, but keep him forward enough to jump. And of course keep him straight before and after the jump. We are trying, and I think making progress. We tried some new jumps today, including a rolltop and fake wall, as well as the plastic barrels we've done before. We jumped everything in this picture, I think they were about 2'-2'3".
Cupid did try to run out. He's sneaky, he used to always go left (so that's where I usually have my crop) but today he went right. But we got it, and ended the session with a nice jump over the wall. I need to work on sitting up straighter as I tend to lean forward. We have another lesson tomorrow, probably will focus on our flatwork.

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