Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time Off

Cupid and I diligently did lot of lunging while our trainer was gone.  We also worked on our circles, riding through the corners, soft canter transitions, and yielding the haunches.  We were to have our first lesson back yesterday, but as I was walking Cupid to the arena I thought he looked stiff.  It was a cold drizzly morning so I thought he would work out of it.  He seemed okay at the walk, but as soon as I asked him to trot he was head bobbing lame.  So, end of lesson.  Nothing too obvious, his right front knee felt a little warm so I cold hosed it (and the other knee and his shoulders as well just in case.)  I went back in the evening and he was already walking much better.  I'm sure he was actually hurting, but I think he may be the type of horse that does overreact a little.  Which is both good and bad!  I will be gone at a conference so he was going to get a few days off anyhow, though if he looks okay I may give him a light right tomorrow before I go.

When I first got Cupid he was not very interested in grass, or just too well mannered to try while he was being led.  Now he doesn't let anything stop him!  He will go up or down steep hillsides, through brambles, over branches and logs, or anything else in his path!  Sometimes I think he may be part goat.  He also loves to eat moss off trees, and I'm pretty sure he was eating part of a rose bush.

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