Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Camelot - Schooling Weekend Day 1

Cupid and I had finally had our first excursion away from home.  Our trainer and a few of his clients were going to a clinic, and Cupid and I tagged along.  We went to a wonderful facility with lots of trails, jumping and dressage arenas, and a cross country course, and to top it off you can camp out right next to the horses!  I've always wanted to go horse camping.

Cupid was very good going into the trailer.  The ride was about 4 hours long.
Wrapped & ready
Step right up
We got there a little before the horses and got the stalls ready.  I took Cupid for a short walk to stretch his legs.  He looked around and whinnied a few times but seemed to be handling it okay.  He relaxed in his stall for a bit and had some hay, then we saddled up for our first ride.  I lunged him a little, he was distracted but trying very hard to listen and be a good boy.  He stopped to look around a few times but wasn't acting crazy.  I warmed up in a dressage arena and then we headed out toward the cross country course.

This was Cupid's first time on a cross country course, and I haven't been on one in over 15 years.  I think I was definitely the more nervous between us two!  But Cupid was behaving very well.  We kept it pretty easy, did a little trotting and a short canter.  Then we investigated the water complex.  Cupid only looked at it for a brief moment before bravely walking in.  The water was about halfway to his knees.  We walked through it a few times and then did it at a trot.  Cupid pawed in it a few times and I was afraid he wanted to roll so we kept moving.
Water complex
In the evening I took him for another walk, then gave him his dinner and topped off his water and headed to my tent.  It was really cool hearing the horses as I was falling asleep and knowing Cupid would be right there when I woke up!
Too bad he can't fit inside!

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