Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Show Prep

So it's finally going to happen (I think...) Cupid and I are entered for our first competition this weekend!  It is a one day horse trial, with a Halloween theme.  We are planning on doing the "green as grass" division, where you can trot the jumps so hopefully it will be fun and easy.

The halting after jumps we did last week really seemed to help Cupid listen.  We did a little course of jumps today no halting, and he was super relaxed throughout.  I felt very confident and comfortable and finally was able to allow him to come up to the jumps with a nice forward tempo, he jumped beautifully.  Before I was scared and always felt like we were going too fast so I had him coming up to jumps too slow, which forced him to jump more awkwardly.  We cantered to some of the jumps and trotted others.  I wasn't even nervous about doing a three jump combination (one stride in between each), ending with the third one at about 2'6".  Combos used to scare me because I felt like I didn't have enough time to prepare in between them, but since Cupid's being going so nice and my position has been more secure I didn't hesitate.  Our partnership has gotten really strong, I feel like we're trusting each other. 
I love this horse!

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