Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Checking In

Cupid and I have been taking it relatively easy the past week.  I was gone camping last weekend, and yesterday had a dentist appointment so Cupid got a few extra days off.  I had been a little concerned about his right hind leg but he felt good today.  We did some basic flatwork, mostly working on getting him a little more forward in his trot.  We did short canters on each lead and he was good.  Then we did some jumps.  We started out with a few crossrails.  My trainer asked how I was feeling today, and I was feeling very relaxed so we built up to a little course with a few crossrails, the brush box, and the barrels with a rail over it.  If he lands on the appropriate lead then I've been letting him canter between jumps.  He has been excellent, cantering quietly without rushing.  We added a 2'6" oxer to the course.  The first time to the oxer Cupid chipped in but we got over it.  The second time was much better.  I was really happy with our performance, it was a good confidence booster.  I need to work on not letting my leg swing back or out over jumps.  I told my trainer I would ride more in two point to strengthen it. 

Cupid decided he doesn't want to lunge anymore.  It is so hard to get him going!  Once I get on him he is great, it seems like he just doesn't like going around in circles.  I don't really blame him, it's not really my favorite thing to do either.  I just try to do a little to make the trainer happy.

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