Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Heart to Horse Box Review

Since Cupid and I don't really have any training notes, I thought I'd do a product review on the mystery package  received in the mail this week - my sister surprised me with a Heart to Horse Box.  This is similar to the monthly subscriptions they have for snacks and beauty products just with horse stuff!  In addition to the products, each box makes a donation to a horse related charity!  My box donated to "Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue." 

The box included the following:
-Mrs. Pastures horse cookies: Cupid loves these treats!
-Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover: Luckily Cupid's dark coat doesn't really show green spots, but it might be good for his sweat stains.
-Mane/Tail brush
-Wine Down hoof pick: It's a hoof pick and wine opener in one!  I'm not a wine drinker so I may regift it to someone who is, or just use as a hoofpick.
-German horse hair jewelry kit: Make your own bracelets or keychains from your horse's hair.  I'll have to try it out when I pull Cupid's mane in the spring!
-Wine bottle gift bag: It was a pretty burgundy with gold horses, and nice and thick good quality.  I used it to give my best friend a bottle of champagne.
-Wave Fork tine: This is kind of weird, it is a replacement tine for a wave fork pitchfork.  Since I don't have that pitchfork I won't really get much use for it.  The only flop in the box.

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