Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taking it Easy

It feels like Cupid and I have been taking it a little easier the past few weeks.  I thought if I moved him into the barn then the weather would stay nice to spite me, but that has not been the case.  Luckily we have the covered arena to ride in, but it's still not pleasant dealing with the cold and mud.  The pasture is becoming a bit of a bog, and there have been a few days when the horses didn't get turned out due to the weather.  Cupid gets a little stiff from standing around, but thankfully he does not seem to get hyper.
Nice and cozy
I hate mud!

Although I love the closeness of riding bareback unfortunately Cupid is just not that comfortable.  Our new bareback pad seems to be a good compromise.  Sometimes when I come out before work I'm pressed for time, so I just put the bareback pad and bridle on and ride him around the property for 20-30 minutes.  Sometimes I just put the reins directly on the halter, but lately we've been working on the contact with the bit and I figure that's something we can continue to work on even outside the arena.  With the pad I've even done a little trotting.  It also came in handy when Cupid got startled first by a mail truck that came whipping around the corner up the drive, and then a worker popped out of the hay barn with a shovel over his shoulder.  Cupid is not spooky, but he did shy sideways a little.  But he was good and didn't do anything too crazy, and the suede pad helps add a little grip!
Bareback pad

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