Monday, June 6, 2016

Beating the Heat

The temperature has been in the 90s the last few days.  I feel bad for Cupid when he is sweating just standing in his stall.  I'm not sure if it's hotter outside in the sun, or inside the barn.  There was a fan in the barn aisle, and even though it was on and making noise, Cupid walked right up to it to see what it is.  I'm not sure if he was just curious or liked the cool air, but he seemed to enjoy it.
We had a really good jumping lesson last week.  We started out with about half an hour of flatwork, and Cupid continued to be really good and responsive.  We rode through sprinklers for the first time.  Cupid was a little surprised when the water went on his face, but he continued walking through it.

We started trotting into a crossrail with a pole on both the takeoff and landing side. Then we added a little vertical the next stride. We ended with the vertical at about 2'9". Cupid must have been surprised by the height because he hit it the first time at that height, but was careful after.

Then we did a little three jump course. The last jump faced the gate and he got a little quick landing and did veer a little towards the gate. The second time was a little better but he still was heading for the gate. The third time was good and we ended on that. Cupid seemed to be in a very happy mood.

The following day we went on a little trail ride around the property, walk only.  The trail Cupid used to not like going down was pretty overgrown with shrubs and weeds, and quite rutted out in parts.  But Cupid was excellent, he walked right down and wasn't bothered when the bushes brushed against him.  I did let him steal a few bites of grass, but I figured it might make him like trail rides even more.

Yesterday was really hot.  We rode in the outdoor ring, which thankfully is shaded by the trees around it.  We mostly just walked, working on bending.  We did a cloverleaf pattern, with a little shoulder fore changing the bend midway down the middle.  We trotted a few 20 minute circles each direction and ended with walking a loop around the property.

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