Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Table Manners

Cupid gets pretty excited about his grain.  He swirls it around with his nose, knocks it over the side, and paws the feed tub.  I always thought it was petty cute watching him and he seems so happy, but it is also wasteful.  Then when he's done he picks the feed tub up and waves it towards you, like he's asking for a refill. 
What a mess - grain spilled both inside and outside his stall
I thought he may outgrow this behavior, along with splaying his front legs like a foal when he's eating, but so far he has not.  So finally I decided to try a hanging bucket instead of the flat pan.
Trying out the over the wall feeder
And here is what happened:

!!  Bad horse!  He is deliberately using the side of his face to scoop the grain out onto the ground!  He has even lifted it enough to make it fall to the ground.  But after a few days I think he is starting to get used to it a little, he still throws some grain out and sometimes paws while he's eating but at least he hasn't been knocking it off the wall as much. :p

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