Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crisis Averted... I hope!

I went to see Cupid on Friday after work.  Initially I wasn't planning to ride, so I brushed him and brought him out to graze.  Then I decided I did want to do a little ride so I tacked him up and we walked to the arena.  I got on, we walked about 10 steps, and then something started Cupid and he took a little sidestep, not a big deal.  His next step I could tell right away he was lame on his left front leg.  I immediately thought he tweaked something, the footing is on the deeper side and I feared the worst.  I cold hosed his leg and wrapped it.  I felt heat on the back of his cannon.

The next morning I went out early, and my heart sank when Cupid could barely walk.  I felt horrible for not calling the vet the night before and called him immediately.  The vet would be out later that morning, so I went off to take care of a few things.  Then I got a call from the vet, who beat me out, and he said Cupid has an abscess.  I asked if he was sure it wasn't anything worst, and the vet said yes it definitely seems like an abscess!  I was very relieved.
Cupid loves his vet!
The vet removed his shoe, and found and opened the spot on Cupid's toe.  He said Cupid also tested sensitive on his heels but wasn't sure if it was connected.  Since Cupid was very sore he got a pain reliever, but the vet said he should feel a lot better pretty quickly.
Abscess on the toe
The vet recommended I soak with epsom salts, then wrap with a poultice.  I've never had to soak a foot before.  I thought a flat rubber pan would be my best option.  Cupid didn't mind putting his foot in it, but he didn't really want to stand still for ten minutes.  I think he realized I was trying to keep his left foot in the pan, so decided instead he would use his right foot to step on the pan and tip it/drain the water out!
Soak with epsom salt
All wrapped up

By Sunday Cupid seemed to be feeling pretty good, and a little tired of being kept in his stall.  He is good as long as he is in the stall, but has a lot of energy when I bring him out to graze and kind of tries to drag me around. Since he was moving okay I decided he could resume turnout on Monday.

Our horseshoer happened to come out on Monday, and called and asked me what happened to Cupid's foot.  I explained the situation, and he asked if he should put a shoe on.  I thought we should since the abscess seemed to have drained, but asked him to take a look and do what he thought was best.  He said Cupid was not reactive to the hoof testers and seemed good, so he put the shoe back on.

I'm going to have my lesson tomorrow (maybe taking it a little easier), and then decide with my trainer whether we should still take Cupid to the show, either to just hang out or still compete.  But I am just relieved that he is okay!

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