Monday, July 11, 2016

Mini Break

My confidence has remained high since coming back from camp.  Since Cupid has been behaving so well I've been able to focus a little more on myself.  As part of this, to strengthen my legs and hopefully help me correct my position my trainer has been having me do a lot of two-point.  Starting from the walk when we warm up, then a lot of trot and canter work during the lesson.  We have been playing with making subtle changes to get Cupid to increase or decrease his tempo.  I can't really feel it at the walk, and still need more work at the canter, but at the trot I can really feel him open up when I lean forward a little, push my seat back and close my legs, then come right back when I sit up a bit.

Unfortunately the scrape Cupid got on the last day of camp got inflamed a few days later.  I had been cleaning the wound and it seemed fine, then one morning there was heat and swelling in the leg and he was quite sensitive to the touch.  Thankfully he wasn't lame.  The vet came out and gave him antibiotics.  It is better now, but he has since gotten a good size bite on his hip as well as a few other little scratches.  None are too bad luckily, though there was one on his fetlock that seemed a little sensitive.  There is a new horse in the pasture so I think they have been playing a little more than usual.
Doctored up
Last week Cupid did something atypical.  He seemed okay when we were warming up at a walk, but got balky when I asked him to trot.  So I asked him more firmly, first with my legs then followed up with the crop and he kind of kicked out.  He usually doesn't react so extremely, so I was a little concerned he was not feeling well, perhaps might be sore from the roughhousing in the pasture.  I asked one more time and he did the same.  I told my trainer I wasn't sure if he was being naughty or trying to tell us something, he hadn't felt lame at the walk but I wasn't sure.  So I got off.  She had him walk, then trot a little on the lunge and he looked like he was moving okay.  I guess he was just trying to get out of work!  So I made him go and he seemed fine. 

We have been doing a lot of pole work to help train my eye - Cupid and I both tend to go for the long spot.  I am working on doing a half halt a few strides before, then making sure I remain upright.  It's still a work in progress but has been very helpful.

We have been taking it easy the last few days, we just did a few light hacks around the property with a few minutes work in the outdoor ring.  I thought maybe Cupid needed a little mental break, since he has been working very hard hopefully changing things up will help keep things fresh.
Awkwardly eating on the hillside

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