Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Abscess

Cupid unexpectedly popped an abscess through his coronary band.  I thought at first it was left over from the one he had in July, then I remembered that was his left foot and now it is the right.  At the show I thought Cupid was struggling with the footing a little, but it felt more like something in his hind end - left hind maybe every so often just a little hitch in his step.  I brought it up to my trainer and she said he looked okay but if anything she thought it was the right front.  I think what I was feeling was him trying to transfer the weight off that foot just a little.  He was never lame, just one day he had the hole in his heel!  So I cleaned it and wrapped it a few days, and we have been taking it easy.
Abscess on Cupid's coronary band

We went on a trip over to the horse park.  Cupid has been loading great - today our barn manager was there when we were loading and he even commented how good Cupid was.  We did a little flatwork in the arena, mostly just walk/trot with a short canter.  Then we walked a big loop around the cross country field and Cupid was super well-behaved!  We didn't go in the water or do any jumps because I didn't want to infect or put extra pressure on his foot.  I filled up Cupid's treat dispenser to keep him busy.

Then on the way home the freeway we got caught in some traffic.  Well that's what we thought - but it turned out they closed the road for over an hour for an investigation!!  So the poor horses had to sit on the trailer.  I hope Cupid is not going to want to not load again after this!

I got Cupid new boots.  We got some Woofs cross country boots at our trainer's recommendation.  I also ordered a pair of the Back on Track quick wraps because there was a pretty good sale.  I don't know how much they help but I figure they can't hurt!
Back on Track quick wraps
Woof cross country boots

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